Thursday, May 28, 2009

strawberries tarts

Nanna, who has had a spot of bother but is better now, sent the girl a recipe book. Everything from it has been terrific. Today, The Girl and a mate made strawberry tarts and pizzas. The tarts comprised of an own-made sweet pastry, own-made lemon curd and cream and West Country strawberries. They were lush. And the pizza was pizza. Which is all kids want from pizza.  It had pineapple on it, as Mamma's Boy demanded pineapple very loudly in the store this morning. It was terrifically funny. He wanted a proper pineapple with leaves and everything but had to settle for a basics .14p tin. 

As usual, 'cause I'm on school holiday, I've been thinking too much again. I fancy a mental ramble, but won't until it's a bit more structured. Thoughts are about: allowing my kids to be themselves, encouraging them and pushing them to do well, sewing my own clothes, and trying to put disappointments at work in their proper place and painting. I want to paint.

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John said...

It looks very goods
I'll definitely to come back to your blog again.