Tuesday, May 21, 2013

after the event

it's been a hell-a-ish couple of weeks. Ofsted and external moderators. And I felt myself lacking. But after all that: I got to cook with my favourite group. They separated eggs and then put them back together again and made scrambled eggs on toast. And it was just one of the nicest experiences I've had in a while.

One of the fellows took this picture of me and you know, I quite like it. It's who I am. Please ignore all the weird stuff around it. :)
But I'm feeling a different person once again and that I've been through something life changing. We'll see.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

thank goodness that's over and summer focus

Ofsted came on Thursday. For my part, which ended up being the last 20 minutes of a year 10 practical lesson (i.e. the part where all of us are in a happy place and in no mood to do any written work) and yes, I ruined it. I got flustered and made a hash of it. The rest of my tightly planned lessons went well, but alas no one saw those. Typical and typical teachery winge.
But the upside is I feel incredibly free of that particular burden now. It's been hanging over us since the beginning of the year. Now we can just get on with things. I went in Saturday morning with all sorts of plans and ended up taking down a display and putting up a new one. With photos of all the things we had accomplished in my room this year. I may take a moment and post a montage here. Will edit it in in a moment.
Friday night, post ofsted haze, my thoughts went like this: oh, well, I always mess up when it comes to crunch time (which is totally untrue by the way), and what if I tried to jog every morning before school? Can it be done?
Last night I traced out a 5k-ish route on google maps. This morning I got up and ran it to see how long it would take. Well, I use the phrase 'ran it' loosely. Ran/walked to be honest. It took me 40 minutes. Not bad. So with that + 25 yoga on the wii and +- 30 minutes waking up/going to the loo/finding all my clothing/taking pills, I may just be able to do it. But I may have to get up a half an hour earlier. 4:30. But to be honest, I'm up then anyway especially in the summer.
And I'm thinking of having a grain free week. Just to have a focus. But still having carbs.
So this morning I had a random breakfast of chicken, cold baked potato and salad (shopping later, no eggs). And a bowl full of cherries. Because everyone should have a bowl of cherries.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

where have I been?

In my own little world. I've come off of Facebook. I've lost quite a bit of weight. I work. I look after my kids. I play a bit of music. I read a lot online and have discovered a real knack for online shopping.
But it's holiday time. And it's so cold and we reckon our town may have the best weather in Britain right now, so no point going anywhere. Who wants to get stuck out in a cottage with no where to go and none of one's favourite things? Not me.
Food wise, I'm going to spend these two weeks weening myself off of Weight Watchers and remind myself of all the things I do well with or without it. It was a useful tool. But I defo had to adapt it to me and how I go about things. 
This is what I ate today:
blueberry smoothie, mackerel, egg mayo on toast (1),2 ryvita, 4 finns, low fat houmous, apple, banana, spinach and potato soup, low fat cheese 1 1/2 portions, 3 squares of chocolate, a couple of popcrisps, veggie chilli with a bit of rice and bit of tortilla, couple of bites of trifle which was very nice

and I'm not done. Going for a run and then wine and bits later. On holiday after all.
I'm still doing my morning yoga
I'm still making good things at work.
I'm still feeding my kids up and making sure they got the resources to get through the day.

I had been blogging on WW. And reading their blogs. Which were a good source, but now I'm wondering about who some of the posters are as one is giving a blow by blow of her extreme juicing diet. More of an advertiment than anything. Which makes me uncomfortable.   

Nothing extreme is my moto now. good stuff in moderation. Exercise to keep me in a mental happy place. and remember that I'm more than what I eat and my weight.

Though food is a pretty damn interesting topic. :)