Sunday, May 12, 2013

thank goodness that's over and summer focus

Ofsted came on Thursday. For my part, which ended up being the last 20 minutes of a year 10 practical lesson (i.e. the part where all of us are in a happy place and in no mood to do any written work) and yes, I ruined it. I got flustered and made a hash of it. The rest of my tightly planned lessons went well, but alas no one saw those. Typical and typical teachery winge.
But the upside is I feel incredibly free of that particular burden now. It's been hanging over us since the beginning of the year. Now we can just get on with things. I went in Saturday morning with all sorts of plans and ended up taking down a display and putting up a new one. With photos of all the things we had accomplished in my room this year. I may take a moment and post a montage here. Will edit it in in a moment.
Friday night, post ofsted haze, my thoughts went like this: oh, well, I always mess up when it comes to crunch time (which is totally untrue by the way), and what if I tried to jog every morning before school? Can it be done?
Last night I traced out a 5k-ish route on google maps. This morning I got up and ran it to see how long it would take. Well, I use the phrase 'ran it' loosely. Ran/walked to be honest. It took me 40 minutes. Not bad. So with that + 25 yoga on the wii and +- 30 minutes waking up/going to the loo/finding all my clothing/taking pills, I may just be able to do it. But I may have to get up a half an hour earlier. 4:30. But to be honest, I'm up then anyway especially in the summer.
And I'm thinking of having a grain free week. Just to have a focus. But still having carbs.
So this morning I had a random breakfast of chicken, cold baked potato and salad (shopping later, no eggs). And a bowl full of cherries. Because everyone should have a bowl of cherries.

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Robbin said...

The cookies looks great and delicious. Thanks for sharing!!