Saturday, June 06, 2009


I woke up and I knew it was going to be hot

proper hot, like back home in the summer


open windows but keep the curtains shut


lift lid on laptop





And this is especially for you. :)

Your Dad has turned out to be the best at getting

really good ones! Fabulousity! :D

I click on the image and save it to the hard drive

I see him sitting on the woven black white and grey couch

thin worn chambrey shirt 

red brown skin

smell of hay and sweat

standing metal fan 


setting the scene

on the arm of the couch sits

a huge wedge of watermelon

in an old rectangle metal pan 

at least that is what I remember

a salt shaker

yes salt, fruit is salted at point of eating in this house

my father digging at the melon with a large flat metal spoon

and slurping it into his mouth

the black seeds returned to the pan 


 at 7:26pm May 28

Hey! Don't be spending all your money on Ebay!! You have to have some to come get that watermelon in my fridge! :)

at 8:51pm May 28

mmmm. watermelon. must get some watermelon..

will have to take the pushchair without mamma's boy to carry it back!

I’m supposed to want to come home


that Dad

that watermelon

that black white and grey woven couch

that metal fan

that summer

is no more

I Took A TAXI, am so pleased with myself!! : )

I’m not

but that is how it is

this watermelon

this now


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Nice One!
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