Sunday, April 20, 2008

my bamboo died

At the time I thought, Oh cool, look at those pretty purple grassy flowers! Time passed and the bamboo wasn't doing that spring renewal thing and I finally googled. Turns out that when bamboo flower they generally die afterwards. It's one of those unexplained pheno..phenomen...phenomena. Look it up, it's weird.
I've harvested the culms (see, I did my homework, they are not bamboo 'sticks') Which took a long time, but that gave me time to come to terms with the passing of this plant.

I bought it when I qualified as a teacher, a pressie for myself. It become a metaphor (I think) for teaching and children learning as it grew and grew and spread. By the way, do you like my trousers? Just bought them, they are going to be my spring and summer garden warrior/hip and groovy older mom at the park trousers. (yes, I know... : )
The days spent harvesting the bamboo inspired me to get involved again with my garden. Babies and work can take that motivation away, but I'm back now with a vengeance. I've hacked away the ivy, cut down the ugly murtle and had a good clear out of rubbish.

I've planted potatoes, broad beans, sweet peas, tomatoes, cress, onions, beet root, all sorts. Very excited.
It should be a good way to spend time outdoors with Mamma's boy. as soon as it warms up. He last for about 10 minutes, then goes in, grabs the box of cornflakes or similar and sit in front of the telly. hmmm...are couch potatoes born not made?


Anonymous said...

I did not about this fact, I love anything and everything to do with bamboo. Too bad about your plant but good luck with your garden. said...

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