Monday, January 14, 2008

January clearance

Guilt, well before Jamie and Co. started killing battery chickens on telly (no I didn't watch it, I know enough), hit over the holidays. I'd been cheaping out with food and going for the lowest common component because I was on a budget. Meanwhile we had a pretty good Christmas and I thought...who am I foolin? So I'm back to basic wholesome foods, that aim towards British, seasonal and taken care of. How preachie is that? It's difficult, mind. No, not really, we're eating well and I've cut the food budget mysteriously by 15 to 20£'s a week. You can stretch a chicken a lot further than a roast pork.
The Girl is getting noticeably older and needing a different sort of focus, a different type of quality time. Cooking, for the moment, is all I can come up with, since it's raining and muddy and outdoor activities are frankly unappealing. The Girl struggles with peeling of veggies with traditional peeler. Sunday morning I nipped out and bought one of those peelers that looks as if it can shave Hubby's beard. In fact, the damn thing is so sharp, it probably could. She did well with it and made carrot and lentil soup for lunch, but became too confident later in the day and shaved skin off of her finger while attacking the supper potatoes.
But I felt proud for her as I packed her school lunch this morning. It included the soup and chocolate chocolate chip muffins that she made on Saturday.
Work is a struggle and I'm scanning all the self help literature available in January to make myself more dynamic and successful. Can't wait until Groundhog Day to start thinking about spring and more positive times.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

As you're in the teaching business, you probably already know all about Fairtrade products and that Fairtrade fortnight is happening in the UK over the next two weeks.

I'm asking as many food bloggers to spread the Fairtrade message as
possible - to enjoy our food, knowing that it's also helping communities in developing countries to get a better life.

See my post here

and the fairtrade website here

Do hope that you'll be able to work it into your blog in some way.

Many Thanks