Sunday, July 29, 2007

Holiday Time

I always have loads of ambitions for the holiday time. The list included: blogging everyday, sewing, reading 10 books, strip cleaning the whole house, playing with the kids, I'm too embarrassed to list the silly over the top stuff.
What I have done so far is: sleep, eat, play with my baby. And have thoroughly enjoyed it. For once, I'm not letting my overachieving anxiety get the better of me and am taking this time for what it is. Rest and repair.
And today, it stopped raining!
Mamma's boy loves picking blueberries off of the bush and eating them. Ripeness is an it is with the tomatoes.
And Sunday's meal was a lush bruschetta/pizza thingy, watermelon and blueberries (store bought from Poland, nevermind)

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