Monday, July 30, 2007

We are all philosophers

Last Night
I've been re-reading Alain De Botton's Consolations of Philiosophy. Chapter IV Consolations of Inadequacy focuses on the writings of Michel de Montaigne. The man was the original blogger!

"He was concerned with the whole man, with the creation of an alternative to portraits which had left out most of what man was. It was why his book came to include discussions of his meals, his penis, his stools, his sexual conquests and his farts- details which had seldom featured in a serious book before, so gravely did they flout man's image of himself as a rational creature."

I could go on about the internet and how writing about our lives in the public domain have changed the way society lives, but I would be in danger of sounding more of a fool than I do normally. And, it has just occurred to me, my life online is heavily edited. I have my own personal blogging rules:
1. Try to write about non-negative observations (I wouldn't necessarily call it positive)
2. Always include a photograph.
3. Each entry must not be so long that the reader has to scroll down the page.
4. Don't refer to family members by name.
5. Don't mention anyone specifically from work without them knowing about it.

I can't remember the others, but I did start with 10. Yes I did write them down somewhere before I began blogging.

This Morning
Mamma's boy was up at 5:20 (yikes), the sun is shining and the cool breeze is glorious. He and I ate a breakfast of blueberries, (oh yeah another rule, always refer to food) bananas, fruit bread, cheerios and for me lots of coffee. The Girl awoke at 8:00 and attempted to have her breakfast outside picnic stylee. Mamma's boy helped himself to it for his second breakfast of the day.

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