Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Girl's lunch today

I am obviously getting settled into work again. I am spending too much time thinking about lunch and making it cute and nice. The top set year 11 GCSE class were introduced to the idea of bento today to help them with their project, which is designing a snack product for a kid's lunch box. I think the general British idea of what the contents of a packed lunch should be is rather limited (at least from what I've observed). I wanted the pupils to know that there is this idea of balance and aesthetics. We went to the computer rooms (brand new Apple computers, lush...) and I projected a couple of flicker bento pool slide shows. It went well I think.
Tomorrow, Mamma's boy and I are off to the 'Can Do Camp' with the other half of year 7's (along with plenty of other teachers). I have it on good faith from one of the pupils that the food is pretty good there. I've packed some tinned baby food and some scooby snacks for me. Just in case I have to go more than three hours without nourishment.


littlepumpkins said...


Could you tell me what is in your lunch box??? It looks great!!!

foodteacher said...

What's in the bento box? Nothing special, boiled egg, dried apricots, raw carrots turned into flowers, bread and butter shaped with biscuit cutters and cucumber sushi roll that I made the night before with leftover rice. The pudding is a coconut gel based pudding so good for The Girl who is a staunch veggie. Oh, and a pear wrapped up in a paper towel for protection.

Anonymous said...

So Bento essentially means lunch box? I guess I never really thought about it, but it makes sense. My question is: What are a food teacher's "scooby snacks?" I work for a children's charity in NYC and we are trying to make our menu's more healthy. We always laugh because as we sign off on the fruit and veggies purchases for the kids we're eating pie. Do as we say not as we do.

foodteacher said...

Pie and other pastry products are always good, especially on stressfull days. Peanut butter features heavily, not very popular over here, so I know I don't have to share. I also have themes that will go for a week or so. this week oriental snacks, I love the packaging. Today, lots and lots of chocolate. : )