Monday, October 02, 2006

Bentos, brown paper bags and camp

Since starting back to school, I had made no effort on our lunches. Opening tins of soup, micro-waving potatoes, buying cereal bars for the Girl's lunch. Yikes. Well it stops now. My Mom was asking what I wanted for my birthday. Response: American style brown paper bags and some cute bento boxes.
So lunches are back in focus.
Wednesday I go on CAMP! What??? As part of the school's new strategy to improve overall achievement and pupil confidence we are taking all of year 7's on a outward bound camp. One half of the year group went today. I and other colleagues go with the other 100 on Wed. back on Friday. I'm taking Mamma's boy. Cause I'm still feeding him and don't want to be away from him, but also as a comforter as I am really anxious about the whole thing. Wish me luck.

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