Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Night Review

Friday night. Always seems like a celebration. The end of another week, our lives advanced that bit more. Table set, candles lit, The Girl being sociable and looking forward to the trifle...
It's been all about relationships this week at school. For the first time in my five years of teaching, my group of year 11's are, on the whole, taking their coursework seriously. Actually doing what I ask them too. I'm not used to such motivation. My tutor group and I have come to the difficult impasse in our relationship and I'm having to show them the discipline as it were.
With my new job as a non-food teacher, I'm realising just how much lacking in confidence I am. Without the cover of cooking skills I haven't got much in my repertoire. Practical lessons are really only a management exercise, like being a line manager in a chaotic pancake house run by Snow White's mates. It's part of my goals this year to work on this and work towards feeling like a real teacher. I'm looking to others for inspiration and there are some lovely supportive people out there and I'm gratefull to them.

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