Friday, September 22, 2006

Who needs clay pots when there are iced buns to be made?

"Miss, you're cooking today, aren't you?"
"Why yes, how could you guess? Did my pink tie-dyed chef's jacket give the game away?"
I have had two very pleasant bread making practicals. This week with a top set year 10 GCSE group. Iced buns. Only half of the class were there as the other half were in Art all day making clay pots. We all agreed that it was much nicer with only 12 kids in the room and we were being just as artistic.

While in the computer rooms with my year 11 GCSE groups, supposedly conducting internet research, we instead had great fun with the new Apple computers with the built in cameras. I don't normally post pictures of myself but I do have a collection of self -portraits (call it the art student in me). I like this one because it proves that I do enjoy my work and y'all still wouldn't be able to identify me in a line up.
My tutor group is quite a collection of preadolescents. (I'm keeping this sentence because I really like that word) And we are definitely on the journey together. I feel like a newly qualified teacher again, luckily with the added skill of being able to yell like an army sergeant when the need arises. I've been teaching them history this week. We finished with a discussion about Popeye and spinach and I unknowingly told a few porky pies (I've just checked wikipedia) but never mind. They wont check. Hopefully.
On the home front, Mamma's boy is a foodie! Sweet potato tonight and pear for pudding, went down a treat. I love making baby food. Not much skill in it, but there is something so satisfying about puree'ing the food to a silky softness.

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