Friday, October 13, 2006

camp, ofsted and tiffins

I survived. Almost lost it emotionally, but nevermind, it's over now.
Camp came and went, nothing to report here, food was institutional. I was hungry, so I ate it with gusto. Y'all would have been embarrassed for me.
Came back to school and the news that we were getting inspected by OFSTED. Crikey! My cool facade came crashing down. Sleep deprivation along with the idea of being observed can throw one's confidence. Lots of tearful chats with nice colleagues. Used it to think of strategies. The inspection went well for the school and we are all proud.
To give myself some thinking space, I made sure that I took time to create nice lunches for myself. Sushi lots of chocolate.
I have decided to collect lunch boxes. It makes sense. So late into the night on Tuesday ordered this tiffin on ebay. Isn't it darling?

Finally downloaded some pictures from work.
More fun with bread.
This one below started out as a shoe, then I said to shape it like my home state, Illinois. But upon reflection, I think it looks more like the Willendorf Venus
Tomorrow is my birthday. 38. I came home to smiling baby and child, a bottle of Canadian club and accompanying Coca Cola, more chocolate and baseball on the telly. What more could an American middle aged girl want?

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