Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday night Bakewells

spittoonextra is hosting an event to celebrate the Bakewell Tart. I made these very quickly tonight and they look it, but they taste lovely. I made plum jam on Sunday and had bits of pastry in the freezer, so just a quick whip up of sponge with almond essence and away I go. The oven wasn't quite hot enough and the sponge splodged.
But to let you know, I and probably other Food Technology teachers around the country are working to keep the Bakewell going. It's a great practical lesson. Pastry and sponge making skills and if one is feeling ambitious jam making demonstration. The kids love making them. I will advise having the kids make small tarts as they are quicker to cook and much easier to get home. And only ice a few of them. The rest will melt and stick together. Trust me, you need to impress the parents too. They tend to blame the teacher if jr. has ruined the cakes on the way home while swinging their bags around their head.
Bling that Party Ring tomorrow!


Andrew said...

splodged sponge or not I bet they tasted great... send me some!

Jen said...

I always wondered what a bakewell tart was...looks yummy!