Saturday, June 24, 2006

went the week well

A couple of arty kitchen still lifes: it's all about the negative space, man.

The first week back in school went well. The fellow who was covering for me set some practicals so that life would be easy. And I planned a bit of an exiciting activity for my top set year 10 GCSE class next Tuesday. A friend sent me this site: and I was inspired. The kids can either create their own super snack or they can join the rest of us in a bit of friendly competition with BLING THAT PARTY RING. They will get the opportunity to make a giant party ring biscuit and then customize it just like the boy racers do with their cars. We are all a bit excited about it. In a couple of weeks we will also being holding a salsa competition. Of course they are year 10 and it's the end of the school year, so it could all fizzle out. Hopefully not.

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