Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bling that Party Ring

Well that was fun. These are just two examples of what the kids did. The England Party Ring was a group effort of three boys, one of which rarely cooks (he's too cool) but he lead this effort and was making sure it worked. It took some planning and four baking trays. Most of the pupils made the giant biscuits, but one ambitious fellow tried to make a giant fried egg jelly. he melted white marshmallows for the egg white, but burned it, hence the odd colour. Other than that, it would have worked. A hectic practical but I think the kids and I got a lot out of it. Next week, hopefully, a salsa competition (I should frighten them and tell them that I mean the dancing, I have had line dancing lessons before) : )

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Anonymous said...

less party ring, more cat bread.