Saturday, July 22, 2006

Full Circle

Funny how things can come full circle.
Almost 7 years ago I packed in my job as second chef at the ole' cafe/bar/conference centre to move rapidly and blindly towards a career in teaching. Last week I was back there to attend an Enquiring Minds conference. What was scary but predictable was that the menu and the buffet served to us was exactly the same as what was being served up when I left. This will amaze many of you, but I brought to the place the 'radical' concept of nachos and potato wedges. I do not lie! Oh the tales that I could tell, but all unimportant.
It was lovely to pop into the kitchen and see who was still there and have a chat, catching up and checking out the new computerized oven. Cool.
As for the others attending the conference, well they considered the pickins' to be posh nosh. Little did they know, unless I whispered it to them that it all came from a box and was deep fried. But I ate it with joy and nostalgia and it was good.

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