Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Time for a little closure, and hordes of things

Ah, it's getting to be that time. My last day in front of the classroom (until July) is this Friday. I am struggling to be there. A horrible practical on Monday, when half the class didn't have their ingredients, the difficult half that is. They even went so far as to set off the school fire alarm, after the 3:30 end of the day bell (why?)
On Thursday I'm making breakfast for the tutor group, bacon butties all around. I've ordered 60 rolls and have one request for rice crispies. It is their last year and they will be leaving during my maternity leave. I will miss them so.
And tomorrow lunch time, I and the ladies in the department are playing Hordes of Things against GK (it's his hobby). We decided to make our soldiers out of food stuffs, so that we can eat it all afterward. Almost an art happening as well as a battle to the death. As I fully intend on winning.
I've made mine out of ready to roll icing, tooth picks and edible paper with food colouring. I've also made a ramshackle fort out of carmelised popcorn. I'm going to pick up some girabaldi's on the way to work for the 6 cm bases.
What a fun way to avoid doing the work I need to do, such as mark every single kid's work before I leave....Nevermind, memories are short.

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