Monday, March 27, 2006

any moment

It's really weird for food not to be the focus of my life. Even if it's justifiable with the baby due on the 6th. I've been busy slowly getting things together. Slow is the only speed I have right now, and it's driving me nuts.
It took me 5 days to mark the GCSE Food Technology coursework folders for 23 year 11's. The results are not terrific again. But one must take it as an opportunity for learning, though this sort of gained knowledge is a bit like chewing on dry stale bread without any butter to ease it down. I wont dwell. I took the coursework into school this morning. The fellow that is covering for me is doing very well and he's enjoying the job. That's very nice to hear. Kids can be very unforgiving when they fancy it. But the girls think he's cute and the boys appreciated having a male cooking teacher who actually has a chefing background. And seemingly he doesn't put up with much.
Advice from books and websites for preparing for the birth. They always mention stocking up the freezer and having convenience foods for the labour and afterwards. And part of me wants to get busy making stuff, but I don't' remember it being much of a struggle last time. What I do remember was how absolutely awful the food was on the baby ward. It was the worst food that has ever been forced upon me. I didn't eat properly for the week I was there. I bet prison food and the similar is better. The night I came home, my husband made me one of my most memorable meals. It was just so good. A hamburger patty with cabbage, onions and potatoes with mustard and chutney. I felt so loved and safe again.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Food teacher,

I'm a chef & food writer from the Midlands. Occasionally I go into local schools and give them free cooking lessons, as I did today at Holy Trinity in Kidderminster.

I also write a weekly recipe column for the Birmingham Sunday Mercury (estimated readership 500,000). The school I was at today is a fee-paying school so they do not have to teach the (food technology) national curriculum so they have the freedom to teach children more cooking skills.
As an outsider looking in I am always interested in hearing other opinions about Food Technology in its current form and what cooking skills are taught at their school.

Please feel free to email me or check out my food blog