Thursday, April 06, 2006

why are we waiting?

Today, the due date and I awake once again feeling completely average and normal. Will it happen today? Who knows. I think that is one of the greatest lessons of modern life that pregnancy and birth gives. We all fancy ourselves in control of our lives and our bodies. We eat certain things and know what good and bad those food items will bring. We exercise or not and know what the consequences are. We work and relax in a certain way thinking that we are bringing longevity and purpose to our lives.
But there are moments of fragility in the fabric of our lives that harshly remind us that things happen to us that our completely outside of our conscious control. Even if these things are within us. Birth is definitely one of those moments.
So I trundle on knowing there is no real way of preparing for what is about to happen. At least I hope it's about to happen, please not two more weeks of waiting. So instead I bake and read and enjoy the Easter holiday with the Girl and Hubby.

We went to a friend's house on Monday and I made a courgette cake from Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess recipe book. I followed the recipe exactly (a first for me) and the Girl and I even made the lime curd. That was fun and very interesting. And it does go perfectly with the cake itself. So I highly recommend that recipe.

The weather has finally turned lovely and chilly spring like, so the Girl has been spending as much time outside as possible. These are photos of her and a neighbour's cooking for the Queen's birthday party. Who knew she was such a royalist?

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