Monday, January 09, 2006

living in the now

Frustration. I missed a day of school today. I woke up with a really sore hip. The thought trying to grin and bear it was too much at 7 a.m. So I called in and had a hot salt bath (hydro-saline therapy) and then to bed with a hot water bottle (?Therapy?) and slept until my husband got his best of the White Sox World Series DVD in the post and he put it on, really loudly. The hip issue is a combination of being 6 months pregnant and the hormones starting to loosen up the ole' joints and the fact that I was a chef for 10 years. Chefs tend to stand hours on end and twist back and forth. Therefore damaging joints. I was told that hip replacement was a very common thing.
Shoot, I forgot that I endeavour to stay positive with the whole cosmic menu... but the positive bit is that I did think a lot today. I have found happiness tends to only come when one lives in the moment (and eating cake of course) and I've found that difficult lately. Being pregnant makes me think of the future a lot. I live there and that is not necessarily healthy. So a resolution of sorts: don't worry about 3 months from now so much and get on with it. Therefore, we thoroughly enjoyed our Monday night meal of jacket potato, baked beans and coleslaw and a quiz on the computer. My Girl knows who the deptuty prime minister is, cool or what?
I had a photo to publish and comment on, but it wont upload just yet, will apply later.

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