Friday, December 30, 2005

Getting the cosmic vibe goin'

A good time cooking these last couple of days. We made our own pasta sheets (I borrowed the pasta maker from my classroom) and made a vegetarian cannelloni. Most successfull. I made a one egg batch (2/3 cup of best plain flour) which was plenty for the three of us.
I topped it with a lovely white sauce that had cream cheese, peas, spinach and green beans in it.
Doesn't this chilli look like one of those grubs that so called celebrities eat on those survival shows?
Tonight, I Had to have some really spicey cajun chicken. mmmmmmmm
Started the cosmic menu today. Got the delivery of essentials this morning, tidied the cupboards and feel ready for the New Year. Jerry the sourdough isn't developing (to cold and sterile to gather wild yeast), so will have to cheat and use some quick yeast to get it going. No desire to be a purist, just want some good bread.

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