Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Baked Alaska

We've always wanted to make Baked Alaska. For this Christmas special we took a centimetre slice of the bottom of our Dundee Cake for the base, the best chocolate icecream we could find and 3 egg whites and sugar. Fruit cakes and Christmas puddings go really well with chocolate icecream. It all worked a treat.
Today I woke up full of energy and full of the need to start preparing properly for the months to come. Full of baby thoughts, work plans and the Girl's packed lunches. The Girl has become fussy of late, expressing herself and causing me and the dinner lady at her school consternation. So she has decided to go back to packed lunches, which is fine as I have more energy now and it will be only upsetting me if she doesn't eat it, not the poor dear at the school who has even resorted to cooking specifically for the Girl (The Girl is one of only two vegetarians taking school dinners).
All this means that we will go back to the structured Cosmic Menu, which is a good thing. It needs a bit of re-designing and I think I will invest in a cute, small flask for the Girl so that she can take soups into school. She's never turned her nose up to soup and I think she's old enough (seven now!) to eat them there without feeding her shirt too much.

Just an observation: Walked to the store to pick up a few things and to put some plastic containers in the recycling thingy. What a flippin' embarrassment we city folks are. The recycling area was completely covered in rubbish. Lots of people just dumped their stuff and left it for someone else to deal with. And the bins were not even full. We had to work our way through the mess, I asked the Girl if she was managing, and she says, 'I've climbed up the side of mountains, I can get through this' It was actually an appropriate comparison.

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