Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A homemade tandori oven and a russet apple pie

We decided that Saturday nights will now be curry nights. I have found another use for my cast iron skillet. I've turned it into a tandori oven. I made a naan dough using yogurt, coconut, raisins and crushed corriander seeds. I rolled it out to the traditional tear drop shape. I put the dry skillet under the grill to get real hot and then slapped the dough into the skillet. The dough cooked up on both sides in about 5 to 8 minutes. I then brushed the breads with melted butter and sprinkled chopped corriander on it. Success.
Today at school I decided to show a group how to make a proper apple pie and explain why it is difficult to accomplish this in a double lesson (100 minutes). I went to the store before school and got Russet apples, they were half price and I love them. Made the pastry when I got in and peeled and chopped the apples before the class arrived. It's funny how certain days with certain groups, just doing a tv style demonstration is all I need to do and they are content. And I had tonight's pudding made.

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