Tuesday, January 24, 2006

word of the day: exponentially

So another day at school filled with muffins, fruit pies, pizzas(no wonder it's that I make all this stuff at home, it's not even sub-conscience is it?) and of course the pleasure of my own lunch. My appetite has definetly increase these last few days. As I was telling a pupil yesterday, it took 30 weeks for this baby to weigh about 2lbs. and in the next 10 weeks it's going to gain another 5 or 6lbs.! Yikes, I'm expanding exponentially. I actually bought a packet of macaroni and cheese (you know the powdered stuff) as a security for my lunch, thinking the salad wasn't going to cut it, and I was right. Please forgive me. I suspect there are many of us out there that eat really crap food but won't acknowledge it in our blogs. Blogsphere is where our better sides live, isn't it?

This evening, I had to fly out of school, leaving a messy room behind me, to get to an antenatal appointment by 4pm. I got there, to wait for an hour to be seen. Ho hum. I then had blood taken out of my arm and some anti-d put in, urine tested, tummy prodded. Arrived home to a plate of pasta, which I could barely eat, as the Girl was watching the new Willy Wonka film (I'll spare you some of that detail), and well, I couldn't enjoy my supper gosh darn it, and that's just not right. I will most definetly have to make it up to my cosmic spirit tomorrow. Lunch will have to be a bright salad with a freshly homemade flour tortilla and a mix of cheeses and a roasted cherry tomato salsa. Can't wait.

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