Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fractal anyone?

A long time. It's half term now. Having a few days rest while some very nice men replace our heating system. The hot water is back on today and tomorrow we should have heating, just in time for winter to set in. The fellows are really into their job, like many of the chefs I've worked with over the years.
Food wise, it is all healthy, paranoid mummy-to-be stuff, I don't want to effect the bun in the oven. But these last two days I have thoroughly enjoyed eating toasted Reuben sarnies. Big jar of saurerkraut in the fridge after the baseball themed meal the other night, veggie hotdogs with kraut, mustard, pretzels etc. Well, I found a decent sourdough based rye bread, good Swiss cheese and I used British salt beef instead of 'American Pastrami' because it was better value. Made my own Thousand Island dressing and fried the stuff up. Absolutely heavenly. Liked it so much, made it three times.
Yesterday I read this article about what happens in the womb. At the bottom is some information about how what Mom eats effects the baby's likes and dislikes later in life. Mine will have a strange attraction to salted and pickled cabbage products. And should be thoroughly sick of oranges by the time it comes out.
The picture above is a class project of making fractal designs using shortbread. It was an inspired idea, we all really enjoyed the practical. I had the pupils make 5 templates out of cereal boxes. The same geometric shape in 5 different sizes. It was the first time that I went on this tangent, so it will need improving.