Friday, October 07, 2005

What's cookin' this week

Did lots of practical work this week. I let the kids have the camera. Me, with the fist? Don't worry, it was mock aggression, trying to get the kids to clean up. They did too.
My GCSE group came in on Thursday in such a good mood. Three of them came in and walked straight up to me and said they they love, love, love cooking. It was their favourite lesson of the week and that they had been waiting all week to cook. And they were terrific. I didn't have to help them at all. I'm getting better about sitting down occasionally, relax a bit. The kids still haven't cottoned on about me being preggie. They are so self-centred, as is their nature. But that's for the best, 'cause when they find out that I won't be there from April til the end of the school year, they are going to be sooo fussy. Many will take it personally and act like I'm abandoning them.

Work is still quite stressful, but at least I have these cooking lessons to balance it out. It's what I do best.
It was in the papers this week that they are going to inject loads of money into healthy foods and cooking classes within schools. There are even rumblings of getting rid of the Food Technology designing nonsense and go back to good ole' fashioned this is how you cook. I'm all for it, but bet it will be years before it happens.

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