Monday, July 25, 2005

Beginning Sourdough

After I blogged last night, I began (hopefully) a sourdough fermentation. I have to use what is in my sister-in-law's cupboards (this is where we are staying while she is France) as we haven't been to the shops yet. Well, I used strong white flour, the stuff that I left from last year (!?, doesn't she bake?) I also used a little cute box of French apple juice, boiled water, salt and sugar. I'm hoping I didn't use too much salt. This morning when I got up, it looked as if it is on it's way. I tried this last year while on holiday (I had a batch of sourdough starter in the freezer at home, it died when I got back *sigh*) but it went wrong in a mildly disturbing way.
So, wish the sour luck. If it works I think I will name it Murdo.


kimmy said...

Good Luck and I think the sourdough will have a great luck this time.

kimmy said...

Forgot to mentioned that I also have one year old sourdough too.