Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tea in Scotland

We finally arrived to my mother-in-law's in Scotland. After 11 hours on the road, feeling queen of the road (I'm the driver) what I really wanted was a decent cup of tea. Mum-in-law did not disappoint. Lovely tea and Abernethy biscuits. So buttery and good.
I'm really looking forward to this holiday. My parents fly over this Thursday to be with us up here. We haven't physically been together for six years, so it is going to be interesting, fun and joyful. I want to cook really good things for them, but we have gone very separate ways in terms of food over the years, so it could be fraught. Mom is following weight watchers and Dad has a love affair with junk food that is important to him. His way of exploring the world at large. When they were here last (the Girl was new to the world), father would disappear down to Sainsbury's to see what wonders were available. He was fascinated by tins of assorted sweet biscuits, especially when they were on sale. (once, when, for a short time, he was doing his own grocery shopping, he brought home 12 tins of frozen lemonade concentrate, because they were incredibly cheap, they were also undrinkable, but he could not see that and wanted praise for finding a bargain)
Anyway, I have fantasies of buying local produce, making glorious meals,picking berries and making jam, opening people's eyes to the wonders of Scottish produce, photographing and posting the results, and writing restaurant reviews to post when we do go out. I am also well aware that the reality will be different. But I will enjoy the holiday no matter what, after all the quest for a decent cup of tea was a success and obvious symbolism of what is possible.

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