Friday, June 03, 2005

What's cooking today

A nice day today, the break from school is nearing it's end. But that's o.k.
It was raining and we didn't feel like doing much, so we cooked, read and painted.
I didn't follow the weekly menu properly, but didn't use too much extra.

I fancied pancakes.

These blueberries, I bought from Sainsbury's the other day. From Spain. I wasn't thinking right and thought they would be a treat. The berries were totally tasteless and to not waste them, I made them into a quick sauce for the pancakes. Sugar and lemon juice did the trick. But I'll not buy them again. I'll wait until the ones in the back yard ripen up.

Later, for supper, I made the Girl sweet potato and potato rostis and veggie sausages.

Chicken soup for Hubby as he wasn't feeling well.

And then the Girl and I made gingerbread muffins with apple sauce.

Boring to read perhaps, but that's it really. And I've just spent the last 15 minutes altering the html info on the pictures because flkr has changed things. Annoying, but I've learned a bit from it.

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Anonymous said...

Here in upstate New York the blueberries ripen around August. Used to pick them wild as kid.Totally different flavor than raised ones.