Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday Scones

Sunday means scones.
But they are not really an indulgence, but are instead, a sensible healthy alternative to the bowl of cereal flakes. They are very nice with jam.

60 grams of porridge oats, ground down in the food processor to the consistency of corn meal
140 grams of wholemeal self-raising flour
50 grams of butter (margarine is satan's spread)
100 ml of natural yogurt
50 ml of milk
25 grams of sugar
50 grams of raisins (dried apricots are even better)
a pinch of salt (it helps with the texture)
a pinch of golden linseeds
a pinch of sesame seeds
a pinch of hemp seeds

Cube the butter and rub it into the flour, oats, sugar and salt mix.
add fruit and seeds
add yogurt and milk
stir together with a spoon until damp dough
turn out and press to thumb thickness and cut

I cook mine in my cast iron skillet in a hot oven (200 degrees C, gas 5/6, I think 365 F)
don't grease the tray/skillet, that just fries the scones
bake about 15 minutes, golden brown and not sticking to the baking tray

We don't add butter after, because we are trying to be good, but we do add plum jam or marmalade. I quite like peanut butter on it too. (the whole nut, nothing added sort, what a hippy I'm sounding like!)

Back to school tomorrow. Have been furiously working towards getting everything ready. Clothes ironed, muffins for lunches made, the Girl's P.E. kit in bag and in hall way, had the shower, lessons planned... oops, didn't write the reports!, oh well, nevermind, I've got a few more days to get them complete. And really, I should try to do them in school time. I want to try to not take too much work home over the next 7 weeks, work on my own projects, have my own life. I'm in a happy place right now and I want to make the most of it!

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