Thursday, June 09, 2005

What's Been Cooking This Week

Ingredients for Crumble

It's been a pretty nice week at school. The practicals have gone well. Though I know that some of the photos can look disturbing, but I'm a confident enough person to show others. (she says quietly to herself trying to sound convinced) The crumble practical was quite fun actually. I had to organize it for a single lesson of 50 minutes, rather than a normal double. So I prepped the room during lunch by shoving the tables together and getting all of the equipment out for them. We all worked in a close circle so that they all could see me when I gave instructions. Half of the group couldn't peel the apples, so we all pitched in and got them in the oven and cleaned up in 40 minutes. Amazing.

Layered Chilled Desserts

I'm not particularly fond of this scheme of work and the results were to be expected, things need to change in this project. The choices and combinations were their ideas, based on a list of options. We were discussing this issue in a faculty meeting today. With Design Technology, we are suppose to allow for experimentation and trial. Which is all well and good and interesting, if the designers are highly skilled. But kids are kids and it's a lot of money wasted if it's too weird.

Lasagna Waiting To Go Home

Year 9. It all went well, white sauces and all.

The rest of the week has been spent writing reports and in meetings discussing the learning culture of the school, changes we can make and changing how we teach at Key Stage 3. I really enjoy meeting with the other teachers and discussing things in a positive way. A lot of people have been really negative lately with no real solutions to offer, and that winds me up. It's really damaging to others around them, and I'm really working to not get involved.


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Wow - your pictures are fabulous and then I actually *read* your blog and saw that you teach cooking. No wonder! :) I'm off to put a link to you!

Stephanie said...

P.S. A link at the Daily Vegetable, that is. Should have made that clear!