Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mangos and cookies and gelatine

Hubby bought these mangos for me last week. Lovely to look at, still not ripe though. One has gone into a nice crumble. Should we really be buying fruit and vegetables from other countries?

When I started out teaching I needed all the help I could get to get the kids on my side. They love 'American' style cookies and so I went on the search for a metric version of the tollhouse recipe. Couldn't find it, so I e-mailed the company and they sent me this.

American cookie recipe based on 2 eggs
350 g plain flour
5 ml baking soda
5 ml salt
250 g butter
125 g granulated sugar
125 g brown sugar
5 ml vanilla extract
2 eggs
330 g chocolate chips
100 g walnuts chopped

For school I halve the recipe, because it's too much.

And for the gelatine, the unflavoured sachets have 12 g in them, enough to set 1 pint of liquid. I did try to use vegegel to make a batch of the marshmallow fluff, I had fantasies of making vegetarian peeps for my girl. Well, it didn't work. It smelled horrible and it didn't whip up at all. But I shall not give up, because it's interesting.

I made a lovely smoked bacon and cheddar jalousie for a demonstration today at school. The group will make the same in a couple of weeks. It was so nice and the kids and I ate the results in a very sharing communal way. It was a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Rather than take a chance that someone will convert a recipe for you correctly or even do it, it is much easier to just open Google and type in what you want to convert (e.g., convert 1 lb to grams) and it does it immediately. After you do it a few times you start to learn the conversion. It's also a good lesson for students because you can teach them about precision and accuracy and rounding off.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the cookie recipe! I think I`ll reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe. Am watching my weight!