Monday, May 23, 2005

Today's Lunch

Today's Happiness
today's lunch.JPG
Well, can I just say...This whole blogging thing has really boosted my outlook on life. In the back of my mind, while I carry out my daily routine, is the wonderful knowledge that people have taken a look at my blog. Like a little happy mantra singing away for only me.
The picture is of my lunch today, and what a joy it was. Yesterday I made a batch of skillet cornbread. I put it with cream cheese and slices of cucumber (I miss American cucumbers, the British version is really bland, but nevermind). The muffin is cinnamon and nut and the soup of the day was homemade lovely lentil. I ate most of it by 11 a.m.
On my way to school I was thinking about statistical probability. No, really, I was. As I was walking along in the sunshine, I was wondering what was the possibility of someone else in the world doing the same thing that I was. By this I mean, is there possibly any other person out there walking to school with a paper guillotine in my backpack (along with the wonderful homemade lunch) listening to Don't walk away Renee on the iPod? If you are out there, then it is quite possible that you are reading this. So don't be shy, tell us about it.

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