Saturday, May 28, 2005

Holiday Lunch

What a lovely feeling it is to have a week off from work with no expectations. Just challenges and projects. The challenge is to figure how far I go with the food in the cupboards, because pay day doesn't happen until Tuesday. Yikes. So we are off of the weekly menu. I was reading the Independent Magazine this morning, and it's the first time I've read through a magazine recipe and thought, yep, that's what's for lunch. Of course I had to make my own versions. Does anyone ever have everything they need to follow a recipe?

pea soup.JPG

I love pea soup and it's so easy. Onion, frozen peas, veggie stock cube (I know, common as muck, me) and water to cover. Simmer, blitz and season. It's such a nice flavour. I don't like to add any other spice or herbs, it detracts from it's 'pea-ness'

potato cakes.JPG

I boiled three potatoes in their skin. Cooled, peeled, and grated. I then added sauteed red onion, onion seed, cumin seed, black pepper and salt. Into the burger press and then into the hot oil.

hash browns and fried eggs.JPG

Topped with a fried egg. Too greasy, but we enjoyed it very much. When the girl went back outside, I made hubby and me a coffee and heated up two chocolate muffins and served them with ice cream! Scandalous!

The projects? Blogging of course, photography, a couple of paintings,playing with the girl and reading. Pure Heaven, who needs to go anywhere?

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