Sunday, May 08, 2005

Drug Quandary

A difficult week at school. But if it wasn't, then I probably wouldn't have been paying attention. And this week I've really been aware of issues behind "problems". One of them is of course drugs.
I was going to tell a whole long story here, but decided I should just get to the point. I have a tutor group of 15 year olds and one of them is seemingly dealing pot. The straight forward tack is that I identify him to Senior management and he gets permanently excluded.
But. But. But. A bit of background information, last year, I caught one of my tutor group kids in my lesson with a lump of hash, followed school procedures and he was excluded. More than likely all for the worse in terms of his turbulent life. I've never gotten rid of that all too certain feeling of 'my God, what have I done?'. And it all could happen again.
I've grown up around drugs all my life and have never seen any short term or long term benefits. Everyone I know that has regularly used them, has done nothing much else with their lives, except use drugs. So what is the point? And I feel that I have been negligent in not telling my kids my point of view. So, this week I've got to try my best to express my beliefs but also do what is right for the boy, and getting others to do what is right for him, which is not to exclude him.
Has anyone else out there had to do this sort of thing? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I would reccomend talking to the student about it, explaining the problems associated with using and selling drugs. Everyone I know who has sold pot ended up in serious legal trouble. I smoked pot most of my life and am in my final year at college, which goes to show that drugs don't ruin everyone's life. Similar to an adult enjoying a beer with dinner vs. an alchoholic who drinks in excess, pot doesn't ruin everyone's life. However, I had a teacher who talked to me about smoking pot instead of taking actions which possibly could have gotten me kicked out of school. I am grateful to that teacher, they encouraged me to live up to my full potential while also accepting my life choices.