Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh, how I love to make packed lunches!

my lunch today.JPG
If there is one thing that will make or break how I view the success of a day, it's how good is lunch. I've always been overly keen to make a good lunch for myself. Yes it's showing off a bit to others, but it's for my own personal pleasure really.
I woke up this morning, dreading the day until I realised that I had the makings of an absolutely amazing sandwich.
salad sandwich:open view.JPG
This is how I made it. (I made one for hubby too)
I started with medium sliced wholemeal bread
I then spread low fat cream cheese on both sides
Next, homemade coleslaw with light mayonnaise
(yes I'm watching the diet, but I'm good at pretending that I'm not)
Then I sliced up a perfectly ripe avocado
Have you noticed that they mark them down in price just when they are perfect?
On top of that was carefully sliced cucumber, not too thin, not too thick
Followed by sliced red bell pepper.
I then topped it off with dry roasted seeds
pumpkin, sunflower and hemp
I love them, and they almost replace bacon in sandwiches and salads
And they are good for the ole' sex drive
(so they say)
Just look at that BEAST!
sarnie ready to go.JPG
In the top picture you can see what else went into school with that loverly sarnie (gurt lush they would say in this town)
Homemade green potato soup. Green because it has peas, broccoli and spinach in it. Two small citrus fruits and an apple. The apple I didn't eat, given to a pupil. strangely, as I'm so possessive by nature, a lot of my food gets given to individuals because they haven't got anything. No, I'm not going for saint status, an apple isn't going to save anybody. And those individuals don't make a habit of it either.
Oh, and next to the jar of soup is a jar of coffee granules. I love instant coffee.
Girl's lunch box.JPG
This is a picture of my daughter's lunch. She doesn't like coleslaw, unless it's with corn chips and salsa (seriously, an amazing combination). So she got:
peanut butter and plum jam on wholemeal
A homemade wholemeal carrot muffin with chocolate chips
And celery and red pepper sticks and slices of cucumber
and some milk.
Very nice all of it. And it got me going this morning. Lunch time was great, ate my sandwich and soup and had a great chat with D. and B. No kids bothered us.
Peaceful in a stormy sea.

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