Wednesday, April 04, 2012

So, I'm running now...

It's been a long time for lots of good reasons, I'm happy to say. I've been getting well and working on getting fitter. (I've also been learning the guitar, autoharp and ukulele, but that's for the other blog). Slowly loosing weight in what I hope is a healthy sane way. As part of that I've signed me and The Girl up to run in the Race for Life 5k in June. This is a big deal for me. Running in public. I thought it was not part of who I am. Walking yes, running no, but it turns out it is! The Girl and I are in training and we drive up to the race sight and are getting better at it. I envision us running the whole thing by first couple of weeks of May. The Girl needs to work on her pacing as she's a brilliant runner, I just need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it. It's nice to be doing it with her though. This week we are suffering a setback as I have a vicious cold that has completely knackered me. I even slept in today until 7:30, 5 to 5:30 being my norm. and I've been to bed early early early.

In terms of eating I've been trying to focus on eating foods that have nutritional benefit and bulking up on veggies etc. instead of starch and fatty foods. I like how the Mayo clinic diet book set things up. I find it harder to deal with when I'm home away from school. School gives me a schedule and planned eating as I pack it all the night before and don't have anything else available. Home means I'm just that bit too close to the kitchen. But I've really cut back on the high calorie cheese and nuts. Exercising every morning before school, going swimming with both of the kids and now the running.


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