Saturday, July 02, 2011

Optimum BS

Optimum nutrition. Optimum fitness. What a nonsense. As if you can achieve perfection and not get ill, not get hit by a 'black swan' . Like selling a religion. You can only do your best and not forget to LIVE your life as well.
Am recovering. I think walking is the secret. We went downtown yesterday and had lunch in Brasserie Blanc. It was marvelously simple and perfect. We had summer minestrone and poached salmon. It inspired me to make a green lentil broth today with corn cakes (mamma's boy loves corn cakes, won't eat anything that looks vaguely like soup, drat him : )
And I walked. I walked on the Wii and then I walked the girl to where she needed to go. Had a nap in the afternoon and felt the better for it all. Supper was roast chicken and salad with a proper vinaigrette, inspired by Blanc and reminding me that I do know how to do these things.

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Riyaad Ali said...

Glad you're feeling better!