Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've just posted the following on a blog that I follow. CarbSane asked are we healthy at any weight? Thought I would post it here as well as I haven't posted in a bit. This is my input.
I've always had a weight issue, but looking back at childhood pictures I now consider those issues more in the mind of my mother and I rather than in reality. I'm 42, 5'3'" have a BMI of 28.95 (according to the Wii this morning) and weigh 11st 9lbs (163lbs). I'm an American living in England these last 17 years. I've had two kids 7 years apart. My youngest is 5. I grew up on a farm, I was a chef for many years and am now a Food Technology teacher. Food is part of the framework of my life. Reason for this info: I don't consider it a surprise that I struggle with my weight.
I've pretty much always exercised in one form or another. The only two major health issues that I've had in the last three years have nothing to do with weight. Shingles and I've just had an ovarian cyst removed 7 weeks ago (damn thing tried to kill me). After both incidents I went to the doctors to get my bloods tested because frankly these things can throw you for a loop. Both times the blood work came back fine and both doctors were of the opinion that I was in perfect health and the BMI is only a guideline. As one Doctor said, 'The average height of a man is 5'9", that doesn't make a man that is 6'2" abnormal'
I don't have any other health issues and now that I've come out of the surgery recovery, feel great.
I've had some success with LC diet (20lbs starting in January), but it wasn't working completely for me and I stalled in April. But I believe I was eating too many calories. Post surgery I'm eating carbs again, but still avoiding processed and sugary foods. And my weight is steady and am losing a bit again.
Childbirth and the shingles and the cyst have taught me is that, you only do the best you can do and you may feel great and 'be healthy' but life is apt to throw you a zinger. Eat and exercise to make yourself resilient. Extremes in all things (types of eating, drink, drugs, exercise) may be interesting but from my point of view should be avoided. But I also know that some of us can't avoid, mainly because of how our brains work.
So in summary I am healthy at my weight, was healthy at my heaviest and lowest, but 'health' isn't totally in our control. Wish it was.


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