Wednesday, March 16, 2011

twice baked potatoes, difficult?

Practical today with year 10's. Purpose? Cooking two things at once and with foods that help with calcium and vitamin d. Not the most able group, so smoothies and twice baked potatoes. With the instructions written on the board, with me talking 'em through those instructions, with me and LSA helping them. How hard could it be? What a bizarre dream that was. Pupils peeling potatoes before putting them in the oven. Pupils throwing out the skins after they scooped out the flesh. Pupils ACTUALLY struggling with making the smoothie. Why? Because they don't listen. Because they think listening is for suckers. Because they think that cooking is some sort of voodoo magic instead of a skill to learn. Because they think it should reflect their state of being in that moment (and being teenageers, that means chaotic).
So what is a girl to do? Say oh well and help them clean up the mess. Parents' evening tomorrow night and so tonight thinking through exactly what I'm going to say to their parents. Diplomacy is needed for long term success and harmony.
Came home to a peaceful house. Which is all that matters.


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