Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So, what's been happening?

A lot really. I got really excited about the idea of starting again.

I went off the radar for a personal reason. So no facebook, no twitter, very few emails to friends and no blogging. Instead I've been doing yoga in the morning before school, getting my act together in terms of work stress, being with the kids, reading more, and drawing stuff. And it's been good.

Today's story:
At the end of October I bought two beautiful bread loaf tins and got to baking. Obsessed with the prices of food and wanted to still feed the family well. We now call November the Month of Bread. By Christmas I had put all of the old weight back on while still doing everything else the same. I was also getting numb feet while I was exercising. Quietly thinking to myself, this isn't good, but didn't say the 'd' word outloud. Not happy about all of this.

Then my husband sent me a link during our first week back in school in January. Gary Taubes' blog page. It spoke to me. Two main things that I got out of it personally was this: I am NOT LAZY and I DO NOT OVEREAT. and I really am not lazy, I exercise at 6 in the morning, walk 20 minutes to school and 20 minutes back again. I never sit down at work and teach in 5 different rooms, I teach a practical subject in which I have to be moving and working the whole time. I get home and do all the stuff the us grown ups have to do and don't tend to stop until about 9 at night. I burn calories dammit. Calories in = Calories out do not equate in my situation.
I immediately stopped eating bread, potatoes, pasta, anything with sugar, etc. Researched what were low carb vegetables and what weren't and adjusted. I lost 7 pounds in the first 2 weeks. And have been loosing weight steadily ever since. I bought Taubes' Diet Delusion (good calories bad calories in US) and read it through. I highly recommend it's dense pages of information. I also have been reading this website: The Spark of Reason. I have found it a good read. One wants to avoid zealots and one wants to avoid becoming a zealot, but at the same time one wants information.

Zealots who espouse without logic or reason is why I went off the radar by the way.

I personally can only tell you how these things are effecting me. I've lost weight. I'm never hungry. I don't have an energy dip half way through the day. My skin is clear. My nails are growing. And I have no more numbness in limb (which is probably the most important detail if I'm honest) I'm excited about it and at this point think that is going to become the WOL for me.

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