Sunday, June 15, 2008

volcanoes, potatoes and clouds

Don't be put off, it's not food. We made volcanoes this week. It was a team building exercise. I stood in front of the room and said last week you are going to do it, but don't expect any help from me, cause I haven't a clue. It was great fun. this team should have won, but they didn't write up a proper evaluation (it's got to appear educational at least). It's a good group I've got and it's going to be a lovely 6 weeks until school breaks up for the summer.

At home we are preparing for the loft conversion. I hate change, so I'm going through it with blinker on and face each day as it comes.

The garden is lush and glorious. The potatoes are blooming, black currants ripening, lavender about to flower. Above us are wonderful clouds floating across in the pale blue sky.

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