Friday, June 06, 2008

green day at school

Our school was taking part in green day yesterday. I and other teachers have been plotting (get it? plotting?) to get some sort of garden going at school for a while now. On the day I got 43 helpers (we are now called the aps guerrilla gardners), including supporting teachers and a courtyard. We cleared weeds and sorted out the compost area. Lots of nettles. We put the sunflowers and other annuals in homemade grow bags. There were two huge planters in there already, so the kids pulled out the overgrown bushes and we planted herbs, rhubarb and grasses. One of the other teachers donated a pumpkin plant and tomatoes, so we should have a Halloween treat next year. The kids were fabulous. I even made little newspaper parcels with wildflower seeds the night before to give the kids to take home so they could just shove them in the ground somewhere, to continue the guerrilla theme. One of my best days at school this year.

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