Saturday, May 24, 2008

look at what we bought

Things are progressing nicely in the garden and as you can see, the next set of seeds are hopefully warming up in their little pots and thinking about germinating. The potatoes are doing well on the other side of the garden and here in the Sainsburys' bags for life.

And today, I and the kids are out for a walk and stopped dead in our tracks in front of a charity shop. There in front of us was this builder's workstation and sundries. £5 = Bargain! We are chuffed. It was duly broken down and attached to the back of the pushchair. The trip home wasn't that bad, excitement pushed us forward. And we all played with it for hours.

We are home for a week. During this week: The Girl will be learning a few more recipes, The Hubby will be attempting to work in the shed, Mamma's boy will terrorizing , and I will be planting more seeds in preparation for Green Day (not the band) when we return to school.

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