Thursday, November 29, 2007

pie and bourbon and felt

Thanksgiving done and dusted very nicely. Nothing like homemade pumpkin pie and some Kentucky bourbon to make me homesick. It's the only time of the year that I feel it.
Now looking forward to Christmas. Mamma's boy is old enough to appreciate it. And it gives me something else to think of, rather than work.
I had the kids at school work on a creative writing exercise that I found on the net today. I'll post the results if I get a chance. It was called 'A menu of what makes teacher angry' The results were clever and funny.
The Girl and I have been working on a felt advent calendar these last two weeks. I have to finish the 24th tomorrow night and put it up. Being brought up a Baptist, the notion is a bit alien to me. Last year I finally broke down and bought her a commercial chocolate advent calendar and we were both bemused by it. Disappointment and shock at the amount of packaging vs. actual chocolate content. We have chocolate coins, Santas and snowmen stashed away waiting for the 1st to be enjoyed. I have just realised that we only bought enough for the two kids, but there is room in those little pouches for us grown ups. mmmm, must go to shop after school tomorrow.

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