Saturday, December 09, 2006

lunch bag series: my friend B.

I have asked my friends to take a lunch bag and create any image they want on it. Then they tell me what food should go in it...
This lovely piece has been created by my friend B. She is an artist who works part time as a Food Technology teacher... I'm having trouble writing about B. as I know that any short written description will not do her justice. Let's just say that she is wonderful, artistic, funny, caring and I love working with her. Unlike most people, who would think such a project a weird time waster, B fulfilled the request with a true piece of art. More than I could have hoped for.
B requested that the bag be filled with hummus, boiled egg, bread sticks and kiwi. Which of course is not what you see here. Two weeks ago, I organised the meal. I bought the hummus (I don't really like my own made) and instead of bread sticks, I made melba toast out of a sourdough loaf. On the day I cut kiwi flowers and took in an egg to boil, as B likes them soft. B was having a full-on day after having a full-on couple of weeks, so lunch was on me. It was lovely, as it usually is when we sit down and take a break. But I decided not to photograph the meal.
B, you are cool and I'm truly glad I know ya!

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Anonymous said...

jess Ive finally caught up with your amazing blog and feel humbled by the fact that you are doing so much and ive only just read what you wrote about me, seems too trite to write ditto but i really couldnt add anything more to that sentiment , i feel glad to fire off from you too and you teach me how to use the tinternet of which i admit i am scared and blogs and all that stuff when i make time. lol b