Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cookies and Punishment

How does a teacher become popular? Making cookies of course. Year 7 Design Technology Packaging project with no real needed outcome. But why not end on a high? The week before, I had the kids design a package for cookies using the lunch bags that my Mom sent and utilizing our lessons about characterization of inanimate objects (cookie people with histories). This week I made the cookies before they came in and while I decorated the them, the kids wrote the recipe on the back of the bag. 50 pence to cover my costs and everyone was happy. Good way to end a very stressful week.

Hubby wound me up tonight and I've decided that I'm on strike. He's cooking from tomorrow for a week. Of course this will probably back fire. This is the guy that, when I moved in with him in Dundee sixteen years ago, had half a box of cornflakes and a box of stale ryvita in the cupboard AND THAT WAS IT!

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