Sunday, November 12, 2006

Born in Kentucky and have never made pecan pie!

Last weekend I figured out how to make sourdough English muffins. Using the cast iron skillet again. I had the sourdough sponge fermenting happily overnight. When I awoke I had a eureka moment and added just a little bit more flour, formed the rounds and got the skillet heating up. They were nice and chewy.
This weekend, a friend's birthday (Happy Birthday S!) and a desire to try something new. The Girl picked out this recipe. To my chagrin I realise that I have never made pecan pie. Didn't know how easy it was. The oven was a bit too hot and the top cooked faster than I wanted. A bit of cosmetic melted chocolate was in order. It went over well.

I've got an idea brewing from future posts, a collaborative lunch bag project. Watch this space.

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