Monday, May 29, 2006

just some old photos

I found these on my hard drive. I quite like them. That's the only reason really.
We are feeling the tightening of the budgetary belt because of the maternity leave salary. Which calls for creativity, but I haven't got the energy or the focus. Instead I'm busy staring at lovely baby and waxing philosophical about life. But I wont bore you with it all. Except to allow you to consider the notion that life is short. Is it really? I mean, I'm half way through my life in theory, being 37. The 70's were a hell of a long time ago and my life now is unrecognisable compared to now. It makes me very curious to see what the differences will be in 30 years. And as I said to my friend yesterday, what ever happened to those killer bees that were going to hit the U.S. mainland in 1978?

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